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Traditional Types

As the world is moving forward. However, the core model of business is as it was. Goley Dai is interested in all types of business models including manufacturing, distributing, retailing and franchising.


Goley Dai is learning to be an investor. The overall goal is to become a sophisticated investor in the thrilling journey of investment.

Real estate

Real estate is the first choice among entrepreneurs. Goley Dai also in the group who believe real estate is a ladder to climb for financial freedom and time freedom.



The social norms and values are changing with time. Change is inevitable Goley Dai respects the change and has a plan to fulfil the cultaral needs with the help of Information Technology and Business.


Everything is moving forward, IT is flying. Goley Dai is a student of IT and knows that without the help of IT, no entrepreneurship could move with the time. The role of IT is increasing every day, the fusion of Culture, IT and Business is the complete entrepreneurship.


If you want to exit from the rat race, there is no alternative to the entrepreneurship. The way to financial and time freedom is Business. Goley Dai is well aware of the rat race and the factors behind the rat race. In future, Gole Dai will be involving directly and indirectly to the Businesses.